How It Works

The process is simple. Once you have decided what type of room you would like, fill out our measurement guide and send it to us along with the pictures of the area you want your project completed.

Each product has some base sizes and pricing to use as a guide. We will take your form & send you a specific quote for your job & estimated time frame of production. From that point well need a delivery address and payment method.

*Check out our patented Dek-Flow product, you may want to add a couple to your room.

* See our Video Collection for "How To's"

Handy Homeowner Small Contractor
Engineered Drawings Optional
Numbered cut sheet for easy assembly
Walls Built, Roof beams cut and Assembled
Box full of all screws, bolts, cables, angles, sealant Optional
Gutters & Down Spouts Optional
Doors, Door Kits, hinges, bug sweep Optional
* Final Measure of job Optional
Optional Dek Flow Optional