About DIYScreenroom

DIYscreenroom was launched by The Porch Factory after years of providing and perfecting the manufacturing process for our installers. We have been installing screen rooms, pool enclosures and patios since 2005. During that time our business has grown and the work force has shrunk, for us to continue to grow and provide a quality product that our customers have been accustomed too we were forced to build more of the jobs in our warehouse, leaving less work for the installers on the job. This allowed us to complete more jobs on site in less time.

This Transformation not only made us more efficient with a better quality of product it also simplified the install process to the point we can now provide kits for the Handy Homeowner and the Small Contractor to perform the install work themselves.

From Patio Covers to pool enclosures we will provide you with a complete kit including engineering required for your local building department. Contact us today to get started!